BROOK90 Version 4 Updates

[Last revised - April 11, 2021]

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In general, BROOK90 algorithms, and thus results, have changed very little since Version 3.1 in 1997. The primary change involved the weighting for interlayer hydraulic conductivity in Version 4.4. A few more bug fixes are described under Versions 4.7 and 4.8 below. However, for most studies, the changes are probably insignificant, making BROOK90 a very stable model.

Known Issues

BROOK90 Version 4.8a - June 28, 2019

CC0 1.0 Universal License. BROOK90 and its documentation now carry a Creative Commons CC0 license, which clarifies that they are in the public domain (not copyright). The full text of this license is at CC0 License and is in the Help menu on the BROOK90 main window. Reference to the license has been added to the beginning of every source code file.

In the file names on the main window the gray color indicating changes is now removed when the changes are saved to a new file.

The context help popup on DURATN now clarifies that the value shown is rounded down to the next even value when used.

Documentation - May 22, 2018

BROOK90 Version 4.8 and Documentation - October 9, 2017

Minor Changes - October 7, 2015

BROOK90 Version 4.7 and Documentation - July 10, 2015